Forest Management Plan

A Forest Management Plan is a comprehensive written report prepared to guide a landowner and the forester in managing the property to meet the owner’s stated objectives. The plan is designed to maximize and balance property benefits, including financial, recreational, aesthetic, and environmental with emphasis on those amenities considered most important to the owner. A forest management plan is actually a blueprint for property management.

An evaluation of timber and forest stand conditions is essential. Detailed property maps of the forest provide a graphic presentation of the operational program. Management plans typically include, but are not limited to:

  • Completing an analysis of the property.
  • Locating and mapping the land, obtaining volume estimates of the timber, analyzing road access, topography, soil conditions, availability of markets and even wildlife populations. Added to that is historical information, current ownership profiles, legal and regulatory restrictions, and tax information.
  • Getting a clear understanding of the client’s objectives.
  • Understanding the client’s goals whether it be maximizing returns, generating income, increasing wildlife populations, or protecting the property for future generations.
  • Identifying the steps necessary to accomplish the client’s objectives.
  • Finding a balance between what is wanted and what is possible.
  • Adjusting the plan over time.

Changes in the client’s objectives, the market, and a host of other relevant factors will obviously mean changes in the plan will be necessary.