Greenbelt Program

A Greenbelt Program exists in Tennessee for agricultural land, forest land, and open spaces. It is designed to encourage continued production of valuable food and fiber; prevent loss of family farms due to higher taxes based on speculation values rather than use values and provide relief from urban sprawl and green spaces for enjoyment of people who would not normally have access to such areas. (Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA), Title 67,Chapter 5, Part 10)

In order to qualify, forested land must be:

A tract of at least 15 acres engaged in growing trees under a sound program of sustained yield management or having tree growth in such quantity and quality as to be managed. In addition, a forest management plan written by a forester must accompany the Greenbelt application when submitted to the county property assessor.

There are limitations and restrictions to this program, but Southeastern Forest Management has a great deal of experience with the program and can provide the information and management plan to help get properties into the Greenbelt Program.